Who are we?

SMILE Dealers!!!

Popup Comfort was founded on the idea of addressing the issues and “invisibility” our homeless brothers and sisters face daily. All it is takes is a simple moment to acknowledge their existence; and it is our goal to make everyone not only seen but heard. At Popup Comfort our main focus isn’t only based on what we “provide”, so much as, how we provide those needs of comfort for others. We make it our purpose to try and change the outlook of someone’s day; to try and put a smile on their face, by letting everyone whom we connect with, know they are not unseen. We go out of our way to get to know each and every person we serve; we let each individual know they have a friend, someone who cares, someone who is willing to put them first. We dedicate our time by providing items of need; but also opening our hearts and connecting with each individual on an emotional basis. It’s our passion to make people feel comfortable no matter what their current situation or circumstances might be. We are all one in the same. Everyone falls; we are simply trying to help lift them back up. We help make the uncomfortable moments, comfortable.


We not only assist with helping the homeless in our community, but we also provide moments of comfort for the youth - getting involved with sports teams, etc. We accept all donations; including clothing, baby items, hygiene products, non-perishable foods, etc. We serve all of our communities in the DFW year round.


Donations and Volunteers are always needed. Contact us to learn how you can help us put a smile on someone’s face today!

Providing comfort for the homeless, struggling families, and the youth in our communities. Popping up Places where we're needed most & letting those who need to hear it most; that we care.

Mission Statement